June 2008

Progress Report – 100 Push Up Challenge

June 30, 2008 Challenges

I am really enjoying this challenge. I am excited to see if I can make it at the end and am very proud of how much I have improved already. Doing 100 consecutive pushups has been a goal of mine since fitness tests in middle school gym class.

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Is the Mortgage Crisis a blessing in disguise?

June 26, 2008 Government

David Frum wrote an interesting piece for Marketplace Money about how the current mortgage turmoil may actually be a good thing for this country. I completely agree, and go a little further saying that it is probably a great thing. Here is an audio plug-in of the commentary, and I have included the transcript below as well.

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Gardening in an Apartment: Tips and Tricks for staying Frugal

June 24, 2008 Gardening

Our garden is almost in full bloom now! It’s very exciting to see the small zucchini and tomatoes forming, and we’ve definitely been enjoying the lettuce and spinach.This was our first year attempting to garden without using the ground, and it was a success, but it wasn’t all super green from the beginning. We learned a lot through trial and error, and will have an even better garden next summer. Since a lot of other people are also in yard-less situations I thought I should share some of the tips and tricks we learned along the way.

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