College Money Network: New Contributor

by Leslie on July 26, 2008

This July there was an exciting new addition to the 20-something blogging community – the College Money Network. The CMN is currently composed of 7 bloggers who are college students, grad students, or recent grads; and we are proud to be one of the newest contributors.

There are some fun and informative posting series in the works – and we are excited to have the opportunity to add our perspectives to the mix.

Here are the other members of the group and a little info on their latest posts:

  • Broke-Ass Student: Shares how smiling can really make a difference in your experiences with people and your personal happiness. (bonus: cute kitty pictures)
  • Poorer Than You: Is starting a challenge in August to figure out where your money goes and keep track of actual spending.

The focus as CMN continues to grow will be to create a fun and valuable resource on a variety of issues as we design our lives and manage our finances after graduation.

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