August 2008

Banks vs Credit Unions: Should CUs Keep Their Tax Free Pass?

August 27, 2008 Finances

Since the first American credit union was established in 1909 several distinct traits exist that enable the government to view them in a more favorable and income tax free light. Over time their evolution to a larger, more inclusive, and regulation relaxed organization, has put banks and bankers into a tizzy.

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Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time

August 25, 2008 Fitness

When it comes to evenings or weekends, we are often faced with a dilemma -we want to do something because we have been cooped up all day, we don’t want to spend money, but don’t know what to do. We’ll sit and think for a while, but it often comes down to walking.

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Adopting a Pet From a Shelter – Charlie the Cat From Lollypop Farm

August 22, 2008 Just for Fun

We got to the store and went to the Lollypop animal section; there were only a few cats, 10 or so, but one stood out immediately. Charlie was the only white cat there, and when we went to look at him he licked us through the cage.

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