May 2011

We Spend More Time Planning for Prom than Planning for College

May 25, 2011 Student Loans is right on with the passion but might be missing a greater opportunity in this call to arms. The system is flawed and broken for some of the reasons they state. I agree and we have written about this in the past. But can we make a greater positive impact by educating students to not take on these unmanageable levels of debt in the first place? Instead of focusing our attack on the system and seeking reform in how lending organizations can collect from debt-laden students, can we make a bigger impact by re-balancing the prom dress vs large life altering financial burden decision process?

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Our Town Hall Was Built Debt Free

May 13, 2011 History & Money

Town supervisor Thomas Broderick made a decision. More than just deciding that his town needed a proper place to meet and conduct business, he decided that he would pay for the construction with frugality and restraint. He decided that this building would be an asset for the town’s people, not a liability.

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Net Worth Update: April 2011

May 7, 2011 net worth

The last time we checked in we wrote about the differences between traditional and real or liquid net worth. For our purposes real net worth does not include the assessed value of our home or the Kelly Blue Book private party resale value of our automobiles.  Basically “stuff” that makes up our daily lives and that we have no intention of selling in the near future.  We will be tracking both.

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