December 2011

Three words for 2012 and the $30k Challenge

December 31, 2011 Reflections

In Chris Brogan fashion we have decided to ditch the new years resolutions and instead concentrate on THREE WORDS that sum up our focus for 2012. These words are a model for how we want to improve ourselves, and what we want to achieve more of in the coming year.

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Is the stigma of welfare so bad that people who really need it won’t take it?

December 29, 2011 Government

Recently, I was watching the new season of Teen Mom 2 on MTV (guilty pleasure, please forgive me), and something one of the mothers said about welfare really made me pause and think.

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Leaving a Job

December 16, 2011 Income Streams

I was being let go, and I was stunned. I had always known this was a possibility, but to hear it was going to happen was still a shock.

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