January 2012

Is Gardening in Small Spaces Easier than in Your Backyard?

January 27, 2012 Gardening

At least in our situation, where we are constantly battling the elements and the forest, gardening in our apartment was much easier than gardening in the yard.

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You Must Learn How to Fall Before You Fight

January 26, 2012 personal philosophy

You take on risk until you know you are ready to deal with the consequences. At some point you will fall, you will miss, and you will get hurt unless you are mindful of how to deflect the negative energy.

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“My cat is more like a …” CAT

January 23, 2012 Just for Fun

I’ve heard a lot of people refer to their cats as being “more like dogs than cats” in personality. I heard this so often that I have to think, maybe happy cats aren’t like so much dogs, but are actually more like themselves: cats.

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