February 2012

Gazelles Across the Savanna: How You and Washington are Fighting the Same Battle

February 23, 2012 Challenges

Think gazelles. More than just how Washington works, this metaphor can be applied to a lot of the challenges we face everyday in achieving goals.

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Top 19 Funniest and Just Plain Wrong #FedValentine Tweets

February 13, 2012 Economics and Finance

I love spontaneous conversations, especially when something as absurdly unrelated as the Federal Reserve and Valentines Day get mashed together. Thought up by economist Justin Wolfers, some of the funniest #FedValentine tweets have come from economists and Federal Reserve branches themselves, not to mention a slew of regular financial cupids looking to join the fun.

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Battle Lines Being Drawn

February 10, 2012 Government

We need to get rid of Super Pacs, we need term limits for all members of government, we need to seriously look at the debt problem, and above all: we need to get the influence of special interests and big money OUT of Washington as fast as possible.

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