SMEs Can Use Duedil WebCHeck to Their Advantage

by Ryan on September 14, 2012

Business Card RecyclingFor small companies, managing cash flow and protecting market share is crucial. Without the financial cushioning of large businesses, every little bit counts. Choosing the right suppliers, getting inside information on competitions and finding new leads can help a small business stay ahead of the game. The Companies House WebCheck is an online service that can help you do just that.

You can browse Companies House Web Check via Duedil for extensive records of a company’s history, accounting information and other records. With a database of over 8 million companies, it’s just about guaranteed you’ll find information on suppliers, competitors and even potential leads. Here are some ideas on how to use Companies House WebCHeck to your advantage.

Investigate suppliers & clients: For a small company, suppliers who don’t deliver on time or clients with a poor payment history can really throw off your cash flow.

Research competitors: There are always new businesses popping up on the radar. Browse their history and reputation to see if they could be a potential threat.

Find new leads: With over 2 million companies, the WebCheck service allows you to narrow down your search and find businesses that fit specific criteria. Search for companies that suit your ideal client/customer profile and access their contact information.

Monitor key businesses (including your own!): The Companies House WebCheck monitoring service provides email alerts when new information is available about businesses you’ve selected. It’s always a great idea to monitor your own business as well, so you know what details being collected and how your profile looks to others.

It’s no wonder in business you often hear the saying ‘Information is King.’ With the right information available at your fingertips through Companies House WebCheck, you have the resources you need to run a tighter and smarter operation. At the very least, aren’t you a little bit curious about what your competitors and suppliers are up to?

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Grace September 14, 2012 at 1:28 pm

great article as usual. I’ve been married almost two years now and we’re looking into investing in a house. How are you and your wife doing? Did that go well and how are expenses now?

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