How do savings account differ around the world?

by Ryan on January 29, 2013

Stock MarketWho doesn’t love a tax break, especially a tax break that’s from the future (I can see the polished aluminium hovering low cost yet miniaturized and eco-friendly tax savings now).

In the United State a Roth IRA is just that future thing today, it’s an individual retirement account that offers tax-free income in retirement. Think of it like a shield, money that is taxed today is placed inside an this type of account and then used to purchase any number of specific investments all the way from a simple money market fund to complex forms of stock ownership, upon retirement no taxes are due. Roth IRAs make perfect sense if your tax rate is lower today than you expect it to be in the future.

The closest equivalent to a roth IRA in the United Kingdom is an ISA or individual savings account. That’s right an isa is a British tax free savings account. The ISA was introduced in 1999 and offered to the citizens of the UK much like it was in the US, to increase the liklyhood its citizens would save money.

A person can invest their after tax income into cash, cash equivalents, or stocks inside an ISA and any interest earned is paid tax-free. Be aware that just like Roth IRAs contribution limits within a time period exist. The total annual ISA allowance is currently £11,280.

No matter which country you are from conduct some more research on which type of tax sheltered retirement account is right for you and as always, only put your money into things you fully understand. Better yet, do some research and become a friend with a heart of a teacher. Teach what you know and help others save for their goals.
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