Learning How to Make the Things We Use Most

by Ryan on August 20, 2013

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Put down that product! Don’t buy it just yet…
what if you could make it yourself?

Have you ever been at a store, holding an item in your hand, and wondering how it go there on the shelf for you to purchase? What were the ingredients and components? Just how complex was it really? Have you ever paused to think about why you were buying it, and if you could make it yourself?

We’d like to feature more articles on making in addition to smart buying.

The goal of these features are to learn more about what goes into making the things we use the most. What are the components of laundry detergent? What is buttermilk, and how is it different from plain milk? What’s the best way to make light and fluffy sandwich bread? Can I really make my own deodorant?!

For the past few years, I’ve been fascinated with the how and why behind every day products. I’ve been learning, and reading, and eventually even making as many things from scratch as I can. It isn’t just about frugality, although buying less does mean spending less money. Instead its about reducing dependencies by understanding the principles behind every day products. What were the traditional versions, and how do they compare to the marketplace today?

I’m still learning tons each day, and I’ve love to share this knowledge with you. By understanding how and why things work, we will be able to better understand the products that are marketed to us. We’ll know what we are getting and be able to make informed choices. Even if you don’t end up making something from scratch every time, simply knowing what goes into an item will help you make the best choices for your family.

So that’s why we are here – to learn and teach, to save money, and to live better.

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