October 2013

Small Account Trading on Forex

October 28, 2013 Uncategorized

There was a time when the currency exchanges were reserved for only the most wealthy investors and corporate bank clients. Trading was always done in blocks of 100,000 units so the minimum investment would be $100,000 for a position on the USD. This has changed greatly over time. Banks realized that there was no need […]

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Five Ways To Reduce The Costs of Running Your Business

October 27, 2013 Personal Finance

Whether you’re running a small start-up with just a few part-time employees or a large company with an established reputation, budget will always be a major concern. While part of balancing the finances is bringing in additional revenue, you should also look for simple ways to reduce the costs of running your business. These five […]

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5 Warren Buffett’s Sayings, Which Can Keep You Out of Debt

October 22, 2013 Personal Finance

Countries continue to face mounting debts and these debts impact on individual lives too. Through proper finance lessons and useful tips, you can, at least, keep yourself away from huge debts. These days, millions of people seem to face debt just because of their carelessness towards their financial lives. So, today, we have gathered five […]

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