Benefits of online investing

The average Briton will spend in excess of £838 this Christmas, as they look to cover the spiralling cost of food, beverages and gifts. Despite this, the national average wage shows no such excess, as it remains fairly stagnant while the cost of living increases.

As a result of this, many households struggle to cover the cost of Christmas. Some may even feel the need to borrow in order to fund their spending activity, without considering their existing earnings or financial circumstances.

How to recover from Festive excess in three simple steps

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to beat the winter blues and overcome financial hardship in January? Here are our suggestions: –

Consider taking out a Short-term Loan

Short-term lending is often misunderstood, but this is in fact a vehicle that can provide genuine financial relief when used responsibly. The key is to use a viable lending method, while also making a commitment to borrow an amount that can be comfortably repaid. Companies such as Trusttwo provide an excellent service to customers, as they deliver guarantor loans over a flexible period and at a competitive rate of interest. By working out the amount that you need (to cover festive costs) and comprehending a viable repayment plan, you can start the New Year without stress or anxiety.

Budget for January

Arguably the most important step is to budget for January, while reducing expenditure in a bid to recover the cost of Christmas. This type of proactive planning is vital, as it recognises the issue ahead of time and creates a manageable solution. It also enables you to identify areas in which you can save money in January, as you look to reduce the amount spent on entertainment and create more manageable expenditure goals. Above all else, this will create balance in your monthly spending and address and financial shortfall.

Make sacrifices to save your hard-earned money

While budgeting is a great theoretical tool, it needs to be applied in a practical and manageable manner. In real terms, this means making sacrifices in your daily routine and habit in a bid to cut costs, whether this revolves around your regular commute to work or the amount that you spend on lunch. If you are willing to sacrifices and take the practical steps required to execute your budget, you will have the best possible chance to save money and ease the cost of Christmas.


Benefits of online investingOnline investing can be quick and easy.  Educate yourself on investment options, decide what you’re going to buy and then sell it for a considerably higher amount of money shortly after.

OK, it’s not as easy as that and it comes with some risk.  But more and more people are playing the market through online trading and spread betting because there is money to be made.

Years ago you need to meet or at least call your broker to make a trade.  These days it can be done with a few clicks of your computer’s mouse. Or at the press of a few buttons on your mobile phone.

Online traders can buy and sell without every needing to speak to their broker.  That makes it cheaper.

Having a broke to execute trades for you costs money.  Therefore playing online won’t cost as much.  With more and more brokerages allowing online access the price continues to drop.  Many of the popular brokerages now offer trades for less than $10 each.

This gives you greater control over your money.  It means you can trade when you want.  Conventionally, you would have to work with a delay depending on when you could get through to your broker and when they were available to place the order.

Online trading eliminates such delays as it is nearly instantaneous these days.  Your control is much greater too as you can review all of your options instead of depending on a broker to tell you what the best bets are for your money.

Monitoring your investments in real time is also available online.  Advanced interfaces allow the ability for your to see how your money is performing throughout the day.  You can login through your computer or phone to see the gains or losses in real time.

Brokerages also offer more tools for all levels of traders.  Not only financial news, but analytical platforms and research reports are available too.  Many of the top sites offer this.

So you may be interested in investing online or spread betting online because there is potential for much larger investment returns than there is with companies or banks.  On top of this you don’t need to deposit large sums of money each time or pay a broker to execute your trades.

What are you waiting for?!


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