Lets get one thing straight. When it comes to investing, personal finance, or the economy, there’s one man the world turns to for insight and advice.

Simply put, when he speaks the world listens.

Warren Buffett is one of the richest men on earth, and one of the most successful investors and businessmen of all time. He started selling individual bottles of Coca Cola to family members for profit when most kids are still learning their ABC’s. Over the past 60+ years he’s compounded his investing and financial success to become one of the world’s first self-made Billionaires, with a current net worth sitting around $63 Billion. Last year alone he brought home $12.7 Billion, which calculates out to more than $36 Million every single day of the year.

Imagine that…he personally earned more in a single day in 2013 than some small corporations earn in a lifetime!

There’s no doubt we could all learn a thing or two from someone this successful. Lucky for us, Warren is always happy to chime in whenever the media asks for his opinion on a current event. He’s delivered hundreds, if not thousands of useful pieces of advice; all of which our lives would be better for if we only took them to heart.

To see how you can be more like Buffett, check out the infographic below featuring some of the best pieces of wisdom to come from him alongside a few interesting stories from his life that reinforce how Buffett rose to success…

Warren Buffett Quotes

Source: InvestingTips360


Comparing Personal LoansWe have always found Kiva.org to be a valuable charity since it allows entrepreneurs around the world to realize their dreams and fund their small businesses. In the past they have only lent to poorer countries, but that has just changed: Kiva now lends to US entrepreneurs as well which is big news in the lending world!

If you remember back, we originally tried lending to Americans using a different site, another micro-lending site, but found that the process just wasn’t right for us. After a lot of debate on wether someone would want to seek a loan from which competing sites we decided to close our account and lend to Kiva where we felt the money would do more good. A tool we didn’t have back then was LendMe where you can quickly cut through the clutter and find the sites offering personal loans for various projects including home improvements and small businesses. Visit LendMe for more information.

So how is this program different from Prosper’s? Kiva’s main mission is to “connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.” They also lend exclusively to entrepreneurs. This means that the borrowers in the US are often below the poverty line, trying to start or maintain a business, and improve their lives.

After reviewing the American loans available, many of them are several thousand dollars – much more than loans requested for other parts of the world. You can still only donate in $25 increments, so it will take many more donations to fully fund. It would be neat to find someone in our community who needs money and be able to loan to them directly. If we found someone local we would see the benefits of the loan first hand!

As with all Kiva loans American borrowers have to apply via a Field Partner who approves their case, and then the loan is placed online to raise funding; you cannot apply directly. A wide range of people have applied, from taxi drivers, to salon owners, to catering businesses…

Besides starting to lend in America, Kiva also started a program in Kyrgyzstan this week. Their goal is to eventually reach all countries with money flowing in all directions.

We still feel Kiva is a great organization and we are very happy that they have been able to expand to so many parts of the world. Perhaps our next loan will be to an American…


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January 30, 2014 Personal Finance

There’s an investing legend about a rich man selling all his stock the day before “Black Thursday” or the start of the catastrophic 1929 stock market crash. He sold everything allegedly based on the tip from his shoeshine boy. The Investor thought that if a shoeshine boy could own stock, something must be going very […]

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