Funera expensesA funeral insurance plan is a great way of making sure that the people you leave behind when you die don’t have the extra stress of having to organize and pay for your funeral.
If you visit a funeral director many of them will have people there who will speak to you about the arrangements you would like and talk you through applying for funeral insurance to cover the costs. They will advise you on the various items that you might want to think about covering with your insurance.

What cremation or burial costs should you cover with funeral insurance?
There are coasts that may be obvious when you’re looking about what will be covered by funeral insurance, such as a casket, a burial vault or a grave liner. But you can also look at including additional costs such as a cemetery plot, the digging of a grave and the provision of the flowers. It’s going to depend on what sort of funeral you want, from the basic to the extravagant – read more about this at HBF.

It’s important that you give this a lot of consideration; do you really want to spend a lot of money on premiums just so you can have a bigger funeral. It’s something that you should think about discussing with your family, who will be dealing the funeral costs after your death. They will probably want to discuss how they would want to remember you at your funeral. It’s not something that you will want to have a discussion about but it’s important that you do.

What are the pros and cons of cremation and burial?
One of the major things that you will have to decide is whether you want to be buried or cremated as different things will obviously need to be covered by the policy depending on the decision you make. Part of the decision making process is going to be based on tradition; what has happened previously in the family. This happens especially because people like to be buried with other family members, or have their ashes scattered close to them. Of course there may also be religious reasons for the choice you make.
There are some costs that remain the same whether you are being buried or cremated; these include the hearse, funeral cars, service and staff at the funeral parlor. In addition, for a burial, you have to pay several other expenses such as a grave or vault, a casket and a headstone. For a cremation you have the expense of the cremation itself and the urn. Generally cremations are a fair amount cheaper than burials; the average cost of a burial is approximately $12,000 whereas the average cost of a cremation is approximately $6,500.

Whether you’re creating an insurance plan for a burial or cremation there are some of the costs that you can control, such as flowers and cars at the funeral. You need to consider how important it is to have all of the extra items; do you want just a simple funeral?


auto insuranceThe auto insurance industry is growing far and wide casting its net into almost every corner of the world. This is important not only from the profitability point of view but also from the view that it helps people understand how important it is to practice road safety and make sure that they abide by the traffic laws.

One of the reasons for this kind of a change could be the fact that simple activities of maintenance of traffic laws and driving rules can save you from skyrocketing premium rates. With more and more people realizing the fact that even trivial of activities that people assume to be of not much weight age can make an earth shattering impact in terms of premium rates have resulted in more of these people signing up for auto insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance gives you a detailed analysis of the changes that have taken place over the years when it comes to the mindset of people especially concerning the insurance aspect. Besides, the auto insurance industry is all set to grow rapidly in the coming decade considering the simple fact that people have become a lot more conscious of the clothes they wear and the cars that they drive. Luxury seems to be the order of the day and with the rising demand for luxury automobiles, its corresponding demand for auto insurance is also likely to grow. Given below are some of the facts that would be worth considering.

1. Where the automobile industry is headed:
In the coming decade, there is a very high possibility of new innovations and inventions being made in the automobile sector and therefore, with the growing demand for luxury automobiles, it is only natural for people to take every precaution to make sure that their investment in that particular automobile stays worthwhile till the end and what better way to secure their investment in their favourite automobile than by insuring it to make sure any untoward accident that takes place is looked after and taken care of by that particular insurance company itself.

Therefore, automobile insurance companies must expect a positive growth in the coming decade. Although the economic situation seems tense at the moment, you should expect it to thaw down in a few years’ time and therefore, when that does happen, there will be a relaxation in the current competition that is being witnessed in prices among the various insurance companies. Besides, the changes in the insurance rates and investment activity will certainly play to the advantage of the auto insurance companies.

2. Activities within the insurance industry:
Since the past few years, the economic conditions have been less than favourable to any industry, to say the least. Therefore, there has been a sharp increase in the price of almost anything that you would want to consider, the auto insurance premiums being no different. Therefore, a competitive nature in the activities of the auto insurance companies could be seen. Whilst they wanted to offer pricing system based on the economy, they also had to make sure that their premium prices do not exceed those of their competitors as that would lead to them losing important customers.

3. What can be done to improve the situation:
One of the most important changes to incorporate is to make sure that the premium rates stay true to the economy and yet offer value to the customers. It is important to never compromise with the quality of services that you offer no matter what the situation. This will always make sure that a customer chooses your company over your competitors’. Besides, the situation will see better light of the day when the economic travesty mellows down.
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Lily Harper is the CEO of a well known insurance company and has been involved in this field for over 20 years now. She is also a published author and regularly writes journals on finance and insurance. Her recent works have been put up on author’s website –


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