Would a Billboard Encourage You to Save Money?

by Leslie on March 2, 2012

On my way into work every day I pass several billboards. Lately one of them has caught my eye.

Feed the Pig Billboard

The billboard shows a person skydiving with Alexander Hamilton on their back, and the caption: It takes Courage, but saving money is worth it.

At the bottom you see that the sponsor of the ad is Feed The Pig

Feed the Pig is a site that helps you find ways to save money every day. A similar site in the UK is Money Supermarket. They go beyond daily savings and even help with saving money with expenses like energy by comparing electricity suppliers.

It’s true that saving money on utilities will add up. So will saving money by avoiding interest and fees and paying down debt. So will not getting a cup of coffee at the drivethru each morning, or cutting out the little used Netflix subscription.

There are many small ways to save money every day.

But honestly – most of us know this already. We know what we need to do in order to make the most progress towards long term goals, and yet we still struggle to actually get things done.

One of the biggest hurdles to saving money is the inertia of the status quo, and the allure of the here and now over the undefined future. We know what we need to do, but its just a little bit easier to not change our habits.

I’m not sure how effective these billboards and campaigns really are, but maybe the simple fact of seeing a reminder every day will be enough to trigger change. I know it’s at least got me thinking about what I can do to save more money and grow my income, and exploring the website for ideas, so in that sense its a success.